Rebecca Scales


Rebecca kickstarted her career in Manchester freestyling over house music and was soon working with various producers in the industry writing, producing and performing not only house and dance records but hip hop, chill out and soul. She has worked with Femi Fem (Young Disciples) and was introduced to Brian Power (SoulHouse Records) where the two quickly recorded So Long Gone.

Rebecca runs ‘Live Expressions’ in London and DJs all over Europe. She recently returned from performing for the prestigious ‘Miss World’ in Barcelona.



So Long Gone Eric Kupper MixRebecca Scales, Eric Kupper
So Long Gone Mr Brian PowerRebecca Scales
So Long Gone Deep House MixRebecca Scales, John Reid UK
So Long Gone N’Dinga Gaba Afro VocalRebecca Scales, N’dinga Gaba
So Long Gone N’Dinga Gaba Afro DubRebecca Scales, N’dinga Gaba
So Long Gone Harp MixRebecca Scales, Brian Power


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